Exciting co-operation Enterprize Excellence and C2U Group

Enterprize Excellence has prime focus on UK, Asia and Middle Eastern markets. The founder is Dr Keivan Zokaëi, an experienced senior consultant who is also a winner of the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award.

Through this co-operation, we aim to create synergy effects in extending both our networks and finding mutual opportunities in our operations. Our first joint project is the launch of a UK specific study visit to Japan. Our mission is to take executives from across different organisations in the UK, on a journey of mindset shift.

You will go to Japan to study inside Toyota and be educated by Toyota’s own sensei’s. We aim for you to, upon return, usher in a new era of management learning, where you develop completely new skills and capabilities. Our intention is that the study visit should challenge many of your core assumptions about the concept of excellence, objective management, best practice routines for managing people, educating staff, organisational learning, and many other aspects of the organisation. Read more here.