Our privacy policy

This privacy policy applies for all of C2U Group’s web pages, including C2U Academy. 

The policy states what type of information C2U gathers from visitors to our web pages and how this information is used.

Web based information processing

C2U Group’s Managing Director is overall responsible for how C2U process private information on the company’s web pages, unless other is stated below. It is voluntary for visitors to give out personal information when it comes to services such as subscribing to newsletters, participating in training sessions and courses, sending messages to the company etc.

Fjuz AS processes data for C2U Group by being responsible for developing the website. Oderland AB processes data for C2U Group by being responsible for operating and hosting the website. Information collected when operating the website is stored on separate servers managed by Oderland AB.


The intention with the website is to share information on our services and products, in addition to providing our contact information.

What private information do we process

C2U Group does not AS ask for private information such as birth date and social security number, our information on personal credit cards.

Examples on what type of information is being gathered: 

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • Company address/Invoice address
  • Phone number and email address
  • Information on your use of the website: what pages are being visited, web browser settings and IP address.

How is the information acquired?

C2U Group collects information by using contact forms on our web pages. It is voluntary to give this information. If you choose not to provide private information, we might be prevented from giving you access to our knowledge platform C2U Inside, information on our services, as well as access to our newsletters and invitations to our arrangements.

We store your contact information in our CRM system and Mailchimp, a system we use for automated market communication. The information is based upon what you have provided us with voluntarily, we do not collect information from third parties.

Your private information is not shared with outside third parties.


As a user of our web pages you have a right to see the private information we have registered on you, and get information on how these are used. You also have the right to demand corrections, deletion and limitations to how we process your private information.

Statistics tools

C2U uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze information on how visitors use the website. Google Analytics uses information capsules (cookies). I accordance with common  practice on Internet, the user’s IP address is registered by the website, but we do not have access to private information, and cannot tie actions on the website to specific persons.


The choices you make for  cookies on this website are valid for one year. After which, you will be asked to make the choices and accept our privacy policy again.

If our privacy policy (this page) is changed, you will be asked to accept the updated terms the next time you access the site.

You can change the settings for cookies on this website by clicking the button below and changing the options in the popup-window.