Implement Lean


The customer had in his interaction with the private sector been introduced to Lean and become interested in introduce Lean principles, philosophy and methods of operation to improve efficiency and become more relevant. Three pilot offices were selected to introduce lean.

Key Activities

  • Target formulation
  • The introduction of the A3 methodology
  • Training in Lean
  • Customer survey
  • Employee survey
  • Individual and team profiling (DISC analysis)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Visual management – improvement boards
  • Coaching
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Study tour to similar organizations
  • Organizational Changes
  • Support in the recruitment of new leader
  • Plan for continuous improvement and follow-up after C2U completed its part.

Some of the results (6 months)

  • Improvements in all KPIs (up to 50%)
  • Greater involvement of employees in improvement work
  • The leaders have had much better cooperation and unity.
  • More frequent and more open contact and more motivated staff
  • Leaders clearer leadership role