Introduce Lean to increase productivity


Customers complained about the quality, many quality issues and a limited experience of industrial production. C2U was hired to introduce lean thinking from the leaders to the operators and to set a vision for the unit.

Key Activities

  • Evaluation of production and leadership
  • Training in Lean and start of 5S and operator maintenance
  • Training for Leaders – Intro Lean, Lean leadership, VSM, Workshops A3 and follow-up
  • Standardization of operator maintenance.
  • Line stabilization
  • Operator Maintenance of the line
  • Single point sessions and standards in line
  • Support for supervisors – job observation
  • Support to the leaders
  • Create ownership of the vision – 20-00-60
  • Visually, leadership, design of new scoreboards
  • Meeting structure (morning meetings, weekly reporting to leaders – A3 meeting every Tuesday)

Some of the results (10 months)

  • Stable production
  • No customer complaints
  • Increase in production from 17 tons to 20 tons (18%)
  • Reduced downtime in production from 1440 hours per year to 540 hours per year. (62.5%)
  • Plan to reach a production of 228 per ton in 2018 from the current 423 per tonne (46%).