C2U is a Scandinavian team of dedicated experts in the areas of continuous improvement, organizational learning and management consulting. We cover a wide range of industries, mainly in production, logistics, service and product development. A typical C2U consultant has gained experience from leading roles in various positions in the value chain.

What sets us apart from our competition is our close relation with various fields of practice, not the least with several Japanese industries. We have developed customised training programs in cooperation with Toyota. A solid base of Japanese experts/expertise will be ready to join us in the support of your improvement teams. We dare say that we represent the best knowledge and experience from Japan and the Nordic countries combined.

To achieve your defined goals in a best possible and most efficient way, your organization’s culture and structure must balance. Our focus on achieving this is a successful concept that we use on all projects. We are fact-oriented and our greatest strength is within implementation. We work across all fields of your organisation and join forces with your strategic staff at all levels and departments. To ensure your continued improvement processes, we will work closely with your team to make their new competencies stick.

Our experience and expertise is achieved by long lasting relationships with our clients – providing support on their improvement journey with our best effort. The extent of our support varies both by time spent and resources applied – depending on the type of challenge that you are facing. By this approach we enable our clients to utilize our expertise when and where they need to.

Our services can be divided into three main areas:

Management Consulting
Culture and Leadership
Education and Training

On most projects, services from all the main areas are combined, depending on the needs and goals of the organisation.

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For more details on our services, please visit our local websites (in local language):

C2U Group Norway
C2U Group Sweden

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