Join C2U’s Lean Training in Japan 2018

Join C2U’s Lean Training in Japan 2017 for an experience of a lifetime

The new dates of our popular Lean Training Week with Toyota in Japan are now released.

Lean Management Production System covers the overall picture of the production system and builds a better understanding of how Lean can be successfully implemented and sustained. The week is an intensive combination of seminars, Gemba visits, practical training in one of Toyota’s own training facilities, networking and Japanese cultural experiences. Next trainings: May 19th-27th and Oct 20th-28th.  

Lean Management Leadership System is naturally succeeding the Production System Training by plunging into the elements that makes the production system run and develop. To read about Toyota Kata or Lean Management is one thing, but to learn HOW the leaders work in daily business – from shop floor to top management – is another thing. What does management of people, quality, cost and delivery really imply? Next training: May 26th-Jun 3rd and Nov 24th-Dec 2nd.

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Download more information: Production System: lean-mgmt-production-system-2017, Leadership System: lean-management-leadership-system-2017

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